Katherine Lynn




Breathe is a song that celebrates all that is good in life with a warm tropical vibe. A longer version is available. Produced/arranged and played by the talented Ari Mendes.



A song for when you are just spent. They say misery loves company and this is a sad song for those rough days.



A blues sound with an upbeat message


Love my walls away:

I shook the cob webs off this one. It is an old demo but I still love the lyrics and the magnificent guitar work of Steve Blair.


Warren Silvers

warren silvers

When a Woman Turns Forty- Written By Katherine Lynn, Performed by Warren Silvers:

Warren is a country artist and songwriter that works with Dixie Roads Records Nashville.


Karen Bowen

Karen Photo, (For Mother's Website)

Run the Universe: Written by Katherine Lynn, Performed by Karen Bowen

Karen Bowen is an accomplished vocalist with a low and sultry sound and a knack for harmonies.  Her arranging abilities have made her a natural as a worship leader and she has been involved in many church bands.


Chuck Seriani

Chuck Pic (Mother's Website)

When a Woman Turns Forty: Written by Katherine Lynn, Performed by Chuck Seriani

Chuck Seriani was born in Fairmont, West Virginia. He has been performing in groups since his teens with studio experience that began in the late sixties. Chuck has performed from Canada to Miami on the East Coast. He has done some studio work with the Bee Gees. His main focus now is to write new material. He can be found playing local tiki bars and guest spots in South Florida.