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Just Breathe
© 2019 Katherine Nemeth & Jaraneh Nova & Michael Averill

The evening breeze
Is making music with the trees
And the fireflies
Light up the night

Breathe Breathe
The crickets add Their serenade
The moonlight falls In soft cascades
Breathe, just breathe

These country hills keep rolling on
You take my hand and I feel strong
The canyon walls
Echo the light

So Just Breathe
Enjoy the moment
Just Let go and be
Breathe, breathe

By the light of the moon
We know This moment will be over too soon
The breeze grows still and the night goes calm
The deep darkness goes on and on, and on and on and
on and on and on and on so…….

Enjoyment the moment
Breathe, Breathe
Breathe, Breathe
Breathe, Breathe OH/AHHHH